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Embryo transfer in cattle breeds continue to grow in popularity. More and more breeders are learning that this is a quick and efficient way to introduce superior cattle genetics into a herd. When you first consider embryos, the up-front cost can appear to be expensive. In reality, embryo transfers are very cost effective. Most any fertile and productive cow of any breed in beef cattle will serve as recipient cow.

Technological advances have made embryo work much more common and wide spread. There are several options available and a number of embryologist across the country that make the procedure much easier than in the past. When all things are considered most of the time calves in the final cost analysis cost far less than the thousands that you would pay for a top genetic animal.

There are an endless number of different embryos packages and genetic combinations among many different breeds. It really depends on what you are looking for. Unfortunately we often see embryo packages that are not that attractive. When considering embryos, be sure that the genetic combination is proven and fits the need of your operation. Here at Triple T Farm, we have many females that are proven and offer the genetic traits that are highly desirable in a cow-calf operation. For example, our embryo packages are selected to be for working cattle herds. Our packages contain traits such as structural correctness of their body, feed efficiency, udders and tits, low birth to weaning weight spreads, docility and fertility. These are the type of traits that make a cow-calf operation functional and profitable. The donor cow may not always be the best color package or the most photogenic. If you are interested in cattle for showing you would want to select a different genetic package. That's what makes embryo transfer so efficient! You can basically find whatever you are looking for in cattle genetics. 


Embryo Cost

With any purchase of 3 embryos we guarantee at least one pregnancy (if work is performed by a licensed technician.) A limited availability is offered for recipient and embryo transfer work through us a Triple T. Only #1 quality embryos are sold or used in our program.

If you have any further questions or need more information on embryo transfer, please contact us.