Our Formula

Registered Black Herefords and Registered Black Angus Cattle

In both of our breeds of cattle, Angus and Black Herefords, we believe that an important part of our mission can be achieved by focusing on the 3 P's; Pedigree, Performance Data, and Phenotype.



  • Each breeding season many of our cattle are synchronized and are artificially bred one time. We strive to improve the next generation with each mating.
  • Artificial insemination sires are extensively studied and discussed in order to ensure docility, desirable growth, profitable traits, and fertility.
  • Afterwards, A1 females are exposed to selected bulls for clean up.

Performance Data

  • Data is collected on every calf from birth until it leaves the farm.
  • All EPD information is submitted regularly to the appropriate association.
  • All calculated data is used and useful in determining our customer needs and in making future breeding decisions.


  • Often ignored and over looked by many breeders.
  • Will increase longevity which increases profits.
  • Affects overall well being of cattle during lifespan.
  • Reduces cull rates and non-productivity due to problems.
  • Can be improved and corrected by proper genetics and mating.


The Worth of a Bull

  • The path to continuous improvement of a herd is largely through bull selection. It is a proven fact that maternal replacement is less expensive when developing ones own heifer instead of purchasing them.
  • Docility-- You have to determine what this trait is worth to you. Research indicates that about 40% of this trait is inherited. Poor disposition cattle have larger death rates, slower gains, and lower quality grades.
  • With today's advancements in genetics there is no reason or excuse for breeders to regularly lose calves or assist in calving due to birth weight.
  • Calving ease can be accomplished by selecting sires with data and structure that will assist in the ease of calving.
  • One additional live calf at weaning 550lbs x 240= $1,320.00 more dollars in your pocket.
  • Growth our data shows that our bulls will produce 30 to 50 more lbs at weaning than the average bull of its breed.
  • If a bull gives you 80 calves in his life which is a low estimate you can calculate the figures.
    • 80 calves x 40lbs= 3,200lbs x $2.40= $7,680.00 more dollars than an average bull. 
  • Breeding soundness using a bull that has not been evaluated is a recipe for disaster. All of our bulls are breeding soundness evaluated and must pass before we sell them.
  • Salvage value today on a 2,000lb bull will sell for about $1.20 per lb= $2,400.00


So What is a Bull Worth?

  • 1 extra live calf a year= $1,320.00
  • Growth= $7,680.00
  • Salvage= $2,400.00
  • Longevity= $11,400.00

Calculate what docility, fertility, and maternal traits are worth. Bottom line is determined by paying attention to detail. Depending on the size of your herd this can vary some, however it's a pretty clean picture of what the right bull is worth.