Quality Assurance and Guarantee

Registered Black Herefords and Registered Black Angus cattle

You can buy with confidence from us. Our business and our repeat customers depend on it. We fully guarantee every animal we sale to be as stated. If they are not, it is quite simple...you don't own it! We want our customers to feel secure and good about the purchases they make from us. All animals are free of any known genetic defects or abnormalities. We have a strict and regular vaccination program in order to help and insure disease and problem free cattle. These are just a few of the reasons that enable us to have such a strong and complete guarantee.  Quality genetics in cattle, usually present far less problems than cattle with less desirable traits. Because of our assurance and guarantee, we have repeat buyers from all over the nation buy cattle from us upon our recommendation sight unseen. We take pride in our cattle and business. Our word is our bond. 

Triple T Farm, LLC is a member of The American Black Hereford Association. We believe in the breed and what it has to offer the cattle industry. The Association is a performance driven organization and is striving toward purebred status in the breed. Purebreds will enhance the breed's ability to produce maximum heterosis in the breeding of commercial cattle while retaining the genetic qualities desired at the purebred level.

Even though the term Black Hereford is not trademarked, the breed itself was established as a result of the ABHA and its efforts. Therefore, the determination as to what a Black Hereford is represented in the bylaws, rules, and standards set fourth by the ABHA. We have no association  with any group that may be improperly using the name Black Hereford and representing them as anything other than the standard required by the ABHA.

We are not merely attempting to turn Hereford black, but we are in the process of genetically creating a better Hereford.